Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters gifs

Dark Paladin or Magician of Black Chaos: Asked by arcetec

Weevil Underwood or and Rex Raptor?: Asked by hagaswings

Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress or Saggi the Dark Clown?: Asked by sir-mostacho

Yami Yugi vs Yami Marik: Ragnarok
Happy Belated Birthday my dear bestie, chelliez. ♥

I’m so terribly late but you know i’m slow to begin with XD I know how much you adore this fluffy kitty. ;o 

nobody but nobody calls me a nobody you bunch of nobodies
—joey wheeler in the yugioh movie, pyramid of light (via stuckinriots)

Jump Boys Suit Collection by Kaze-Hime

Blue Eyes White Dragon Requsted + Blue and green outfit Seto or White outfit Seto?: Asked by Anonymous