Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters gifs
Happy Belated Birthday my dear bestie, chelliez. ♥

I’m so terribly late but you know i’m slow to begin with XD I know how much you adore this fluffy kitty. ;o 

nobody but nobody calls me a nobody you bunch of nobodies
—joey wheeler in the yugioh movie, pyramid of light (via stuckinriots)

I’ve had plenty of people ask or comment about my background image on my blog. I wish I could give you guys a link on where i found this beautiful piece of art but it was years, upon years ago when i found it and i found the file in an old folder on an ancient hard drive i owned. But here’s a Render of it. If anyone wants to message me where this came from, that would be awesome. :) Credits to the rightful artist.

Blue Eyes White Dragon Requsted + Blue and green outfit Seto or White outfit Seto?: Asked by Anonymous

Anonymous wondered,
"Could you make a few gifs for Siegfried, plz? I see you have tag for him, but it leads to nowhere :("

Sure thing. :3 I know some tags are empty but I’ll eventually get to those characters. XD

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Dartz or Maxamillion Pegasus?: Asked by alpaca-frenzy

Odion or Rafael?: Asked by Anonymous